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All of the following links can be found with a little searching through your favorite Search Engine.  I have placed them here because I think they are the most useful, or informative.  All are pages are directly created by the government, and all links open up new windows.


The homepage of the Senate is the starting place for any research into what your Senators are doing.

The Legislation and Records page of the US Senate website can be used to search for specific bills before the Senate, Bills that have received media attention, and activities of the Senate. You can also find the last major action, Bills introduced, a verbatim record of what happened in the Senate for a specific date.

The Active Legislation page allows you to search Bills currently before the Senate by popular title, or subject.

The Thomas Legislative Information System at the Library of Congress gives you the texts of Bills and  legislative histories from 1973 to present.

Roll Call Votes of each Senator for the 111th Congress. How did your Senators vote on a specific Bill?

A list of Senators with links to their websites where their email addresses can be found. Searchable by State, Senator, or Class.

House of Representatives

The homepage of the House of Representatives contains links to every part of the website.

Interestingly, I can't seem to find a page that shows just House Bills. The House of Representatives uses links to Thomas, which shows bills for Congress collectively.

If you know the name or number of a particular Bill, you can search for it at GPO Access.

The Representative Members page gives you access to all your Representatives web pages by state. Click on your state, then choose a Representative from the list, to see their individual web page.

Write your Representative page allows you to find your representative by entering your state, and 9-digit ZIP code.

Roll Call Votes will tell you how your Representative voted on any legislation.

Find the status of a Bill before Congress.

The Legislative Archive gives useful links to most of the above resources.

White House

The White House Homepage gives you a good place to start looking for information about the President, current legislation, and news. Includes links to the weekly Presidential address, and a Blog.

Contact the President. Yes, you can write the President of the United States, and he or his staff will see it.

The Speeches and Remarks page lists any and all speeches and remarks from the White House.

The Press Briefings page gives links to the texts of all briefings to the Press.

Everyone seems to be worried about the Health Care Bill. See what the White House has to say about it.

usconstitution.net can answer any questions you have about the US Constitution.

Independent Resources

The People Decide is a website that shows you how your Congressional Representatives voted on any given Bill.  It also lets you vote for or against all the same Bills, and displays the results next to the results of your representatives.  This gives you a very good way to see if your Congresspersons are truly representing your personal interests.

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